New XML schema

Thu, 2012-08-02

All LRG records are now available in an updated XML schema (schema 1.7). The schema 1.7 records are now viewable on the LRG website and on the ftp site (


The main change to the new schema is the inclusion of mapping information for all transcripts to the LRG genomic sequence. Mapping coordinates are included for each exon of every transcript within the LRG region, along with details of any indels/mismatches between the transcript and LRG genomic sequence.


Several additional improvements to the XML schema have been made. These include an explicit statement linking the genomic sequence of an LRG to the identical RefSeqGene and allowing multiple protein products from a single transcript in the fixed section of the LRG record.


Additional information on the new schema can be found here (changes to the schema and schema 1.7 documentation).


LRG records in the previous XML schema (schema 1.6) have been archived and are available from